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Instantly Recharge Any Bangladeshi Mobiles from Australia

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India: Only India - Grand India
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Nepal: I Love KTM
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Islander Talk
Islander Talk
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As phone card manufacturers change their rates and quality frequently and without prior notice, World Cards cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of information presented below.

Please note that in case of any complaints about rates and quality of this phone card, you may contact the phone card manufacturer on the customer service number provided below.


  • Very good card to call India
  • Expires 3 months after first use

Access numbers

Adelaide 8257 2200
Ballarat 5309 2200
Bendigo 5410 2200
Brisbane 3041 1000
Cairns 4015 2200
Campbelltown 4622 0400
Canberra 6225 2200
Geelong 5215 2200
Gold Coast 5630 2200
Gosford 4304 2200
Hobart 6281 2200
Launceston 6311 2200
Mackay 4914 2200
Melbourne 9012 2200
Newcastle 4915 2200
Penrith 4702 0900
Perth 9289 3300
Sydney 8212 2200
Toowoomba 4642 2200
Wollongong 4298 2200
Nationwide* 1300 855 233

Calling rates

DestinationRate (per minute)
India (Mobile) 1.7c
India (Landline) 2.0c
Phillipines (Mobile) 6.0c
Phillipines (Landline) 5.0c
Fiji (Landline) 10.0c
Fiji (Mobile) 15.0c
Srilanka (Inc Mobile) 5.0c
Samoa westn (Landline) 10.0c
Nepal (Inc Mobile) 8.0c
Myanmar (inc Mobile) 15.0c
Bangladesh (inc Mobile) 3.0c
New Zealand (Landline) 1.5c
USA (Landline & Mobile) 3.0c
Canada (Landline) 3.0c
Germany (Landline) 3.0c
France (Landline) 3.0c
UK (Landline) 3.0c
Italy (Landline) 3.0c

Customer service number

1300 652 184

Instructions for use

1. Dial the access number
2. Enter PIN number and press #
3. Dial your phone number and press #
4. To make another call do not hang up; press ##

International calls:
Enter 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + #

National calls:
Enter Area Code + Phone Number + #

Terms and conditions

  • Rates shown in AUD per minute GST inclusive and are based on local access dialling unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Talk times are calculated for one continuous call.
  • Call originating from mobile phones maybe charged by mobile phone carrier.
  • Rates do not apply to satellite & operator assisted calls.

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